Dairy Products curd recipe | how to make curd from raw milk at home

curd recipe | how to make curd from raw milk at home

curd or yoghurt

Curd recipe or indian yoghurt making process

Curd recipe is very easy as compare to other recipe. Curds or ‘dahi’ is a dairy product made by coagulation of milk which leads to curdling. It is mostly made at home and dairy. Indians like to have homemade dahi or curd any time of the day not only with their food but also as a snack or other types of food..

The process of making full fat curds at home is quiet easy, all you have follow proper procedure and process.

step of curd recipe

We show you how to make curd. To make curd, firstly you have to choose correct milk that is pure milk. If you do not choose milk correctly, you will get watery dahi with excessive whey. We have started with heating little water in a pan, so that the milk doesn’t burn. Rotate the pan so that the milk doesn’t scorch as the water may make a protective layer, remaining water is then discarded. Then, boil the milk upto 100 degree celius, allow it to cool till it upto 48 degree celius..

Once the temperature of the milk comes down, take a patila or a container you want to set curd in, add little  curd also known as jaman  which will help in setting the curd. Spread the curd evenly and pour the milk over it. Make sure the milk is not hot as it may lead to curdling of curd and it may not yeild creamy curd. Mix well, cover and let it rest in a warm place for 5-6 hours. After 5-6 hours, you’ll find the curd set and put it in the refrigerator or else it will turn sour.

indian yoghurt

The best part is that curd is quite easy to make at home and inexpensive. It is however important to have a sample of homemade curd to make good curds as store-bought ones don’t work most of the time.

So, if you do not have curds made the previous day, try to get a tablespoon or two of it from a neighbour or good friend.

Some dishes like parathas seem incomplete if they are not served with full fat curds.. Curd is not only relished plain, but also used to make wonderful dishes like Kadhis and raitas.

About curd recipe

Curd is made by mixing a  starter (curd) with warm milk upto 40 to 50 degree celius and allowed to ferment for some hours. After the fermentation process the consistency of the flowing milk gradually transforms to a thick wobbly pudding like texture. Due to the bacterial fermentation the final product also has a tangy taste.

You can also call curd as Indian yogurt. But note that the yogurt available outside India is different than curd that we make in India.

What is curd or dahi (indian yoghurt)

Basically curd is a milk product that is fermented, healthy and probiotic. Thus it is widely used in Indian cuisine to make a variety of recipes like dahi vada, papdi chaat, curd rice, kadhi pakora, chaas, lassi, raita, thepla etc.

It is also used as a marinade base to make tikka recipes and also used in the preparation of biryani. There are also some sweets where yogurt is one of the ingredient like shrikhand, balushahi, mishti doi etc.

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