Dairy Products Homemade paneer recipe| Make paneer at home

Homemade paneer recipe| Make paneer at home

How to make paneer from raw milk

1.firstly, in a large vessel take 3-litre milk. make sure to use full cream milk to get a good amount of paneer.
2.stir and get the milk to boil. make sure not to burn the bottom of the vessel.
3.add 2 tbsp vinegar and stir the milk.
4.milk starts to curdle, add more vinegar as required.
5.the water has to separate completely from precipitated part.
6.now drain off the curdled milk over cheesecloth.
7.rinse with cold water and squeeze off the water.
8.shape the paneer into a block, and keep the heavy object over it.
9.rest for 20 minutes or until the paneer sets completely.
10.after 20 minutes, the cottage cheese has set well and ready to cut.
11.finally, store the malai paneer in an airtight container and use for a week when refrigerated.

piece of paneer

what is paneer?

Paneer is an Indian cheese made by curdling milk using heat and acid. It’s made quickly, typically within an hour, and has the unique property of not melting at any temprature. you can buy it from any doodh dairy nearby you.

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