Dairy Products How to check the purity of mawa /khoya at home?

How to check the purity of mawa /khoya at home?

5 Ways of checking the purity of khoya at home

India is a country of festivals. Mithai is the tradition of our country. The mithai are specially made up of mava/khoya. This sweet brings happiness to our home and mixes sweetness into our relationships. The sweets are made with the best quality mava. like burfi, Gulab Jamun,mava ladoo, and many more sweets are made of mava. the main ingredient used in all mithai is mava. We should be more careful before buying mava from the markets, especially during the festival season. The 2 best methods to check the adulteration of mava at home during festival season. 1.- In mava add a cup of hot water, and add a little bit of iodine. if mava turns blue then it is adultered using starch and the mava is impure. 2.-  you can also add some sugar to the mava and heat it,if the mava start leaving the  water it is adulteration We should check the sweets before buying from markets. Consuming impure mava sweets can be harmful to our bodies. You can also prefer homemade sweets for a healthy life. you will get the best quality 100% pure mava and sweets at param Anand doodh the best dairy product manufacturer in Meerut

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